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One of the most used rooms in your house is the bathroom. You require a flooring solution that can survive this kind of regular wear and tear because of the high wetness and humidity levels and heavy traffic.

Tile Instalacion de Pisos Baños Bogota is one of the best solutions for bathroom flooring, regardless of your taste or price range.

Instalacion de pisos Bogota offers you countless design options, from contemporary to traditional. Tile can be laid out in various ways, such as a linear grid, diamond pattern, or basketweave pattern, in addition to the multiple types, colours, and available practices.

The advantages of vinyl plank flooring for bathrooms:

Although there are many different flooring options, Instalacion y Reparacion Bogota has an advantage in bathroom use because of its benefits. Bathroom floors are more vulnerable to deterioration since they consume much more water than other areas of the house. Having vinyl plank flooring in the bathroom has the following advantages:

Simple Maintenance

Bathrooms may rapidly become dirty, so picking a simple flooring type to clean is vital. This flooring doesn’t need extra maintenance, which is perfect for those who don’t want to stress about ruining their floors.

Vinyl plank flooring also requires relatively little maintenance. You can make your DIY cleaners using everyday household items like baking soda, jojoba oil, or apple cider vinegar, or you can use any commercial cleaners for vinyl floors that are recommended. But when removing stains or dirt, it’s recommended to stay away from any abrasive scrubs, ammonia, or detergents to avoid damage.

Instalacion de Pisos Baños Bogota

Installs Easil

Vinyl flooring is quite simple to install, especially if your subfloor is already intact and levels. It is a good option for people looking to save money and do DIY flooring

installation. Vinyl tiles, for instance, can be purchased individually and put with glue or a peel-and-stick technique. This benefit of vinyl tiles is beneficial for fixing damages. Since installing it is simple, you can save some additional flooring and repair the damaged sections.

Water Repellency

Ensuring the flooring is water-resistant is essential when placing it in a bathroom. Vinyl plank flooring offers excellent water resistance, with more opulent varieties having longer water resistance. In addition to its inherent resistance to water, vinyl flooring is stain and moisture-resistant. The lack of seams in the flooring keeps it free of bacterial and mould growth, a common issue with bathroom floors.

Because vinyl plank flooring is constructed of PVC, the same substance used to make pipes, it is waterproof partly because of this. The flooring is perfect for the kitchen, laundry room, and dining room, in addition to other areas in the house, because of its feature. To be waterproof, this type of flooring must be installed correctly. Incorrectly laid vinyl flooring may allow moisture and water to infiltrate the seams.


Bathrooms that require durable flooring should use vinyl plank flooring, which offers this benefit. Heavy objects can be dropped on the floor without easily damaging this type of flooring, which can withstand high foot traffic. When properly placed and maintained, vinyl flooring can endure between 10 and 25 years. Since you don’t need to replace it as frequently, the reduced life cycle also aids in long-term cost reduction.

The Final Talk

Because it offers the various benefits listed above, vinyl flooring is among the best choices for bathrooms and other rooms like the kitchen and dining room. For use in your bathroom and other rooms of your house, they provide a variety of high-quality vinyl flooring. The ideal flooring for your lifestyle will be recommended to you by our team of professionals.

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